Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Layered Weekend

So tonight Ben and I leave for my hometown, Jacksonville for the fun rivalry game of Florida vs Georgia on Saturday! I'm so excited to finally get to go home since I have not been since this summer. (Don't worry I found other ways to see my family) Growing up this was my favorite games of the year for so many reasons. I loved that it was in our city which meant that I got to see all of my friends, the rivalry is also so fun and for some reason I had also always liked Georgia fans growing up - I think it's because they dress classy and fashionable. :) Speaking of fashion, one new look is the layered cardigan look. Here's a few ways to master the look or fake it. (If only I knew about the Marc Jacobs one before the game since he so fashionably makes orange and blue stylish - that's a hard task)

love this one by french connection
Go Gators and Marc Jacobs!
Great for work from where else but Ann Taylor Loft!

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