Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sunshine and Warmth

Today begins my week down in Jacksonville, FL! The reason for the trip is a wedding this weekend. I'm getting in early so I can see friends that I haven't seen in over a year, have a date with my dad,shop with my mom, and have a trunk show. If you haven't checked out the website lately, you'll find that I have added a bunch of new necklaces. Just in time for the trunk show...and Spring shopping!!! I am loving all the bright colors this season and am ready to go shopping with my mom today. Did I mention that we're shopping outside, in sunshine and warm weather? Heavenly. See yall in a week. Don't forget to check out the website for new products.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Cabbage for You?

Did you all have a good weekend and St Patrick's Day? Since I completely forgot to wear green on Saturday I decided to make a "green" cabbage dish instead. I had never made anything with cabbage before and can honestly say that I wasn't exactly excited about this first go round. But I went for it and I'm glad I did. It was a cheap and easy meal, if nothing else. I got the recipe from my sister who made it with ham instead of polish sausage. Let me just say that I would have used ham if our grocery store carried normal things. However, this is why I always stock up on "normal" items whenever we go outside the city. But back to the cabbage. Here's all it takes -

Head of green cabbage roughly chopped
Bone-in ham or polish sausage
2 or 3 potatoes

Cute everything up. Saute the onion in butter. Add potatoes and sausage/ham and cover with water. Season with salt, pepper, etc. Add cabbage 15 minutes later. It will be done in another 15-20 minutes. Get all the good stuff with a slotted spoon and enjoy! (Leave some for the leprechaun)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cafe Lalo

We stumbled upon a little and famous gem on the Upper West side this past Sunday. We had some time to kill after church and before brunch with friends so we decided to go and have a cappuccino and pastry at a nearby cafe, called Cafe Lalo. We decided to go in by how cute it looked from the outside, as well as the crowd inside. However, we didn't know that Meg Ryan also liked it in You've Got Mail. It was the spot that she and Tom Hanks picked to "meet" for the first time where she has her rose and book. Without knowing those fun details while we at Cafe Lalo we thoroughly enjoyed it. The drinks were great and the menu was extensive. We're already looking forward to getting back up there and trying some other menu items.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cinnamon Rolls

After the 360 Dance Company fundraiser on Friday night, I was in need of something sweet Saturday morning. I had found this Easy Cinnamon Roll recipe on Pinterest earlier that week and decided to give it a try. It was by far the easiest homemade cinnamon roll recipe, not to mention fairly quick. (although doesn't even compare to Mrs. Becky's recipe) The only thing I would change is the icing. It called for confectioners sugar icing which made it just overall too sugary. Didn't know that was possible but it was. So next time I would change it to a cream cheese icing to balance out the sugar. This recipe would be great for company or Easter brunch when you don't have tons of time to slave in the kitchen.
Click on the link above for the recipe and much prettier pictures of the process.

Monday, March 12, 2012

360 Dance Company

Happy Monday morning! Did you all have a great "Spring" weekend like we did? This was one of the first weekends that it was enjoyable to be outside, particularly yesterday. However, Friday night was spent around Chelsea, inside. I participated in a 360 Dance Company fundraiser. (They're a non-profit dance company.) It was such a good time and I somehow felt like a New Yorker. (haha) They had food, drinks, about 5 Designers (including me), and of course, dancing! About half way through the event, 3 dancers came out and performed a few new dances they had been working on The dances will debut for the public come this Fall! It was incredibly cool to see such a talented people perform in such an intimate setting (and without any of their props.) I took a few videos of the dances but unfortunately you'll only be able to see a small clip.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bold and Beautiful

Here's one of my new favorite necklaces. I'm so excited about how bright colors are the big fashion story this Spring and Summer! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tragedy at Episcopal

Yesterday was a very sad day around Jacksonville, FL. Dale Regan, my private high school's Headmaster was murdered in her office by a teacher who had been fired the previous day. Ms. Regan had been at Episcopal for more than 30 years and was known as a visionary leader. Just to prove how much she was respected by students, my entire news feed on Facebook was friends talking about personal stories Ms Regan had played in their lives. Whether it being helping getting into colleges or just stopping to say "hi" in the hallways. It's a sad day for the Episcopal community in Jacksonville. If you would like to read more about it click here or here. Please be praying for Ms Regan's family as well the teacher's family. 

Killed: Dale Regan, the headmistress of a Florida school, was shot dead by a man who is believed to be a former employee. He then shot himself dead

One of my best friends is a teacher at Episcopal and posted this very fitting song yesterday after she was finally able to go home.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Busy Bee

I'm still busy with my 3 customs orders but I found time to make this little Spring item...

I'm loving this color this season! 

Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm Back

Wow, I'm not doing so well blogging lately, am I? Maybe it's because it's winter and we haven't done too much. Maybe it's because Ben has had something almost every weekend. Or maybe it's because I've been working on 4 things over the past few weeks and since they're still not completed there's nothing to blog about, besides the necklaces that I posted last week. However, we actually got out this weekend and enjoyed our lovely city with some friends. It felt so good to be out and about with Ben! Friday night we had dinner with some friends at a Tapas like restaurant called, Txikito. It's also on Grub Street's top 101 restaurants in NYC. If you live in the city or whether you're visiting, I would suggest you take a look at this list. Saturday night we started with an early dinner in the West Village at a restaurant called, Low Country. It's a great southern style restaurant with fried pickles (although not near as good as the south - but at least they're trying!) Before we walked in the restaurant the sun was setting over the Hudson through the tiny neighborhood streets of the Village and was a perfect picture I tried to capture. Although, it didn't nearly begin to do it justice.

After dinner it was time for the Texas Independence Day Concert at Terminal 5. Even though it was a fairly good country line-up we were there to see Pat Green! He brings me right on back to college when he used to frequent the Auburn campus. 

We ended the weekend with lunch after church with some of our friends in from Charlotte at Eat Here Now and then a stroll through Central Park where we saw the first hint of Spring!! We finally landed at the MET to see The Stein Exhibit which was fascinating and wonderful. The exhibit will be there until June 3, so go if you can! After our big weekend I'll be resting up (and working.)