Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Today has been a great and productive day! I made three new necklaces, cleaned and even ran some errands. (It's amazing how fast an apartment can become dirty!) One of my errands included going to Home Depot to buy more butane so I could solder some vintage pins. Well, this always proves to be frustrating and yet funny. I'm a 5'3 blonde girl who apparently doesn't look like the type to be in a home improvement type store without her husband or dad, or so it seems to some of the employees. Everytime I go to buy items for soldering, men come up to me and in a very sweet tone ask, "Honey, now what are we doing?" Today I actually already had the butane in my hand while he was asking the little blonde honey what she needed. I replied, "Just this" (showing him the butane) he then stared at me and like it was funny to see that in my hand. I then said "thank you" and went on my way. I then came home and fired up my little torch! (It actually really is little) haha Anyway here is one of the things that came from my funny trip to Home Depot... (There are 2 more necklaces under "Dainty" as well)

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  1. Becca! I love this piece!! I may need to come and try on :)