Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Layered Weekend

So tonight Ben and I leave for my hometown, Jacksonville for the fun rivalry game of Florida vs Georgia on Saturday! I'm so excited to finally get to go home since I have not been since this summer. (Don't worry I found other ways to see my family) Growing up this was my favorite games of the year for so many reasons. I loved that it was in our city which meant that I got to see all of my friends, the rivalry is also so fun and for some reason I had also always liked Georgia fans growing up - I think it's because they dress classy and fashionable. :) Speaking of fashion, one new look is the layered cardigan look. Here's a few ways to master the look or fake it. (If only I knew about the Marc Jacobs one before the game since he so fashionably makes orange and blue stylish - that's a hard task)

love this one by french connection
Go Gators and Marc Jacobs!
Great for work from where else but Ann Taylor Loft!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day Dreaming

So lately I've been doing a lot of dreaming about the future! Decorating our non-existent house, my chic little jewelry store and finally having everything organized (since hopefully we'll live somewhere where 1/2 of our belongings aren't in storage due to our tiny living space.) I am a bit obsessed with chandeliers (Ben can attest to that) and would love to have one in my future little jewelry shop. I'm thinking a vintage crystal chandelier with light gray walls, some chic paintings on the wall, hardwood floor, lovely round rugs, a velvet chair behind my desk, and then fun little vintage findings I pick up along the way that display the jewelry! Like I said, I'm having fun dreaming! But here are some items that could fit my dreams... (in the beginning stages.)
Wrong color and no sides but love the damask chair!

Ok, so probably not white chandelier :) but like the design
Love this color, elegant and simple


Well our internet is finally back up and running which means I can tell you about the fun I had yesterday! I went down to Fayetteville to participate in a home show for some early Christmas shopping and ended up meeting some amazing women! Many of them were Army/Military wives which I greatly respect. I wish I could explain to you the impact a few short hours with each of them had on me but there's really no way. I can tell you that after leaving the show, I realized how much I take for granted every day and just how blessed we are to live in the USA. So thank you to all the troops as well as all the wives at home!!

On a different note, these women are also very talented! Here is some their work...
Lovin Designs - she creates pottery, journals, greeting cards, jewelry and scarves/hats.
Some of the cute journals..check out her shop
Amy Free's photography!! Remember the SMD photoshoot she did? She's awesome!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Flower Power

I have so much to blog about but right now I only have time for this... I heard about this lovely little company, "Emerson Made" today and just checked it out. They make large bold but so cute flower pins. Now you'll have to have the right outfit for one of these lovelies but they make such a great happy statement!!

BigDandy Clutch!

Ellen Page in Oct issue of Marie Claire...celebs seem to like similar pins

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Auburn dropped the ball yet again this week :( (we saw better days, i.e. 2004-2005) BUT rest assure, Florida pulled through!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I admit

Ok so I admit that I am a bit obsessed with Christmas time which I am already beginning to get excited! Yes, I know it's early but everything about it is just fun. All the traditions, friends, family, giving and of course the remembering what we're celebrating. So since I love the whole season, I have already begun thinking about gift ideas for Spencer Morgan Designs. So I have created a few stocking stuffer ideas which I will keep working on until it's Dec 25th! Here's a few of them...

A Raspberry Party
Silver Fix
Animal Lover

Yummy Shrooms

Last night, I was in Charlotte to help give a surprise bridal shower for one of my good friends. I was in charge of appetizers and decided to share one that is super easy but looks a bit more gourmet. It's a cheese stuffed mushroom..

White/button mushrooms
Garlic and herb Boursin cheese
Italian bread crumbs

All you do is wash off the shrooms, take out the stems, put the cheese spread where stems used to be and dip or sprinkle in the bread crumbs. Place shrooms on baking sheet with cheese side facing up (obviously) and bake for around 30 minutes at 375 degrees. That's all!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Therapy Ways

For all of you skin care junkies out there I have discovered a new line of product that I'm quickly becoming a huge fan. If you're from Nashville, TN then you have most likely heard of the product line, Therapy Systems. It's based out of Nashville but has been expanding throughout the country. You can find them in Henri Bendel as well as some stores in California. For the complete store list check out their website. I recently got the Micro Exfoliating Cream (thanks to my mother-in-law) and have already seen a difference in the past 3 weeks. I would definitely suggest investing, but scrub very gently! If you're not in the market for a retexturizing treatment then they have tons of other awesome products. If you're in Nashville then stop in the Cosmetic Market since they carry an extensive supply of Therapy Systems. They also have tons of other fun skin and make-up products!
Micro Exfoliating Cream

Amazingly Gentle Scrub (Level I)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

All the Pretty Lights

If you have never been to a state fair before then you must go!! They are indescribable but I'll do my best. I have actually been to my fair share of fairs throughout my life and can't lie, I do love them! We had a girl's night with all the fair fun, bright lights and let's not forget about the wide range of healthy food. It's all organic and heart attack free. SIKE! But it is quite tasty. From turkey legs to fried oreos and everything in between you just can't go wrong with your choice. Even though I'm not 6 anymore, the rides are still so much fun (except the ferris wheel.) Although this go round my parents weren't there to bribe me with cotton candy to ride the ferris wheel with my sister. Yes, for some strange reason I am super scared of the monstrous ferris wheel. (However, I have jumped out of a plane before and would totally do it again.) Makes sense, right? For those of you who are planning to go to Raleigh's state fair then bring 4 cans of food on Thursday, Oct 22nd and get in free for Food Lion's Hunger Relief Day. It also ends this weekend on the 25th so hurry and don't miss out on all the many sights to see. But here are few from me to you...
As soon as we walked in the corn dogs called our names and we gave in
Later my friend...later!
After the funnel cakes and fried oreos

Really? Next time I will see her.
After the free fall...this was also the 1st time this guy smiled
Begin with yummy corn dogs
Wash it down with some fried oreos, (and you thought I was joking that we got them.)
And then go again
So many fun prizes!

Alternative Comfort

For those of you who love comfy basic tees as much as I do, check out Alternative Reality for some affordable and earth friendly designs. They also have a few baby/toddler items. If you find something and would like 25% off your purchase then email me and I'll give you the code...

Neck What?

It's been quite chilly outside which means all the scarves are being busted out. However, I'm second guessing myself with my old scarves since there is a new fashion wave with the neck tube/shrug. It seems that the scarf is becoming the understudy. As I was playing on-line this morning I kept coming across these neck tubes on almost every fashion site. If you haven't seen them yet here are a few examples from high end to H&M affordable. My friend from high school,Timo Weiland somewhat started this trend a couple of years ago with his neck bow and skinny tie but now has the "draped collar in silk." This was when he was just starting out in the fashion world.
(Oh and by the way, H&M is really expanding their cities! They are now in Orlando FL, Edina MN, and coming to Raleigh. And for the men, they will be selling Jimmy Choo shoes come Nov. 14.)
Bop Basics $68
Faux Fur $75
Cashmere $175
Ella Moss $135 or take 30% off at Bloomingdales
Wouldn't this hat look great with a neck tube? I have been eyeing this little lovely at Anthropologie for a month now. $38

So I guess it's the season to adorn the neck...don't forget about custom necklaces or ready made necklaces at SMD!

Monday, October 19, 2009

First of the Year

Well, after 6 days of traveling from Miami to Greenville, SC we arrived home and needed something for dinner that was hearty but quick. So we made our first batch of chili of the season! We're a bit late in the season for making just now making chili but we've been out of town so much we've hardly eaten at the house. If anyone doesn't know about Chili Magic then you must learn! Chili Magic has the chili beans, juices and spices already in the can. It makes chili so delicious and taste completely homemade but is sooo easy. All you have to do is...

depending on your desired amount of chili -

1 can of chili magic (I use the mild can)
Fresh tomatoes or 1 can of diced tomatoes with onions and green peppers
(we added another can of regular beans just because Ben wanted to do something new)
1 lbs of ground beef (which I season with lots of chili powder, salt, pepper while browning)
1/2 of a chopped yellow onion (brown with beef)
minced garlic (you decide the amount depending on your liking - I love garlic so I use a lot)

Simmer until you can't take it any longer and eat! It's so easy and great for leftovers if you double the batch.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Baby

Last night there were so many pumpkins and just as many cameras last night at the pumpkin patch in Orlando! Spencer was so cute in his little kite outfit even though he was definitely super tired. As we were leaving there was a little boy playing bean-bag toss and made it through the hole. We all cheered for the little boy and he turned to us and said "I know! I'm really good at games!" It's hilarious what little kids say! I can't wait to hear some of the things Spencer says once he actually talks instead of makes sounds...

What is this place????
I just want to eat it!
Dad and son at the pumpkin patch

I'm so cute
Again, just want to eat it! (Custom SMD necklace)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Break

Well, yesterday was the beginning of Ben's Fall Break (aka interviewing time) which I am now also tagging along. We're down in Orlando staying with my sister, bro-in-law and adorable and playful nephew! While the rest of the clan was at work or interviewing Leah, Spencer and I went to baby music class. It was hilarious and just plain cute! They each had their own musical instruments which they loved! We sang and freely danced around with the rest of the moms and babies. haha Tonight we are going to the pumpkin patch!!! I'm absolutely that proud and obnoxious Aunt! :) Here are some pics from yesterday.

Pop goes the Weasel
Some SMD necklaces are baby proof
Already wants to drink out of a big boy cup
So happy!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Breaking News: International shipping is now in full effect for only $5.95!!!!!! Happy shopping to all our international friends! Spencer Morgan Designs

Wish List

I found a couple of sweaters very close to what I was talking about yesterday... you'll never guess where it's from! Victoria's Secret!!! Here are the links...first one and the second. Also, I just found that on Hautelook they are having a J Brand jean sale!! They even have men's J Brand on sale for all you women that want matching jeans for you and your guy. :) Everyone should check it out...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wish List

While Ben was finishing one of his exams yesterday, I decided that it was a good time to go do some shopping! My first stop - Anthropologie! As much as I try to branch out and get more printed tops I always seem to be drawn to the solid colored tops. I did however find a couple of printed sweaters/tops that I loved but didn't actually purchase anything. Urban Outfitters also had some really cute and affordable little pieces. I've been looking for an oversized open sweater cardigan that I can wear everyday but so far haven't been able to find that right one. So now that it's officially shopping season, here's just the beginning of my wish list...

Custom Order

During my down time over the weekend I worked on a custom order. I received a pin from someone that had broken and so they decided they wanted it made into a necklace. It was so fun and turned out beautiful! They will be able to wear it with a tee or a LBD. Check it out...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Girl's Night Out

Last night, while most of the hubbies were studying for their exams, some of us the girls indulged in a fabulous girls night out at a girlie wine and tapas restaurant named, Glass Half Full! It's always so much fun to get together with just the girls and gab about fashion, shopping (or the lack thereof) jobs, and now babies. Our good friend brought along her adorable and incredibly well-behaved 2 month old baby to dinner(see cute pics below!) It was such a wonderful time that I decided to share it with you. :) Hope everyone's weekend is going well!!

Hopefully my FL Gators can make me smile more than My AU Tigers..
The girls minus 1 - see "Faith" adorning my neck
Racks and shelves of wine
More shelves..
Katharine with "Grace" around her neck
Baby boy Bentley
Yummy shrimp plate
Calamari, yum
Leaving, we saw this lovely hair scrunchie around a water pipe...Keep Carrboro weird! :)