Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We're Back

Well, we're back after a great weekend in Nashville with the Davis family! The girls started the weekend off with amazing facials at the Beauty Institute, thanks to my awesome Mother-in-law! It's actually a bit embarrassing how many exfoliating steps were taken on my face... However, I felt like a new smooth-faced woman afterwards! If anyone is ever in a city where there is a Beauty Institute then it is well worth taking some time to go. It was only $20 for a hour and 45 minute facial! Even my beauty budget can afford that!! After we went to the best shoe store invented, Marty & Liz. They carry tons of high end name brand labels but for ridiculously cheap prices! For instance, I bought my sister a pair of Kate Spade shoes for only $35 last go round. This time I bought some black boots (see pic below) for only $30! Good job Nashville for providing a fabulous girl's day!
Saturday, we took a trip to my hubby's first house outside of Nashville. Then watched some Auburn vs Tennessee football which was fun for me but not for my husband. He just keeps saying, "Next year, honey. Next year." So we'll see.
Thank you for such a fun weekend! I'm so blessed to have such a loving second family!
Here are some pics of the weekend...
The Davis Family & "Faith" necklace
Awesome shoes!
My $30 boots
Hubby's 1st house

Aren't they cute!


  1. those boots are FAB!!!

    guess what kind of hubby came back from Nashville with...Cowboy boots!! HA! his first trip there and he goes country on me ;)

  2. Haha That's great!! Maybe yall are destined to live in TN?! I looked for him on the plane but never saw him. :)

  3. The kids are precious! The boots are great too!