Saturday, October 10, 2009

Girl's Night Out

Last night, while most of the hubbies were studying for their exams, some of us the girls indulged in a fabulous girls night out at a girlie wine and tapas restaurant named, Glass Half Full! It's always so much fun to get together with just the girls and gab about fashion, shopping (or the lack thereof) jobs, and now babies. Our good friend brought along her adorable and incredibly well-behaved 2 month old baby to dinner(see cute pics below!) It was such a wonderful time that I decided to share it with you. :) Hope everyone's weekend is going well!!

Hopefully my FL Gators can make me smile more than My AU Tigers..
The girls minus 1 - see "Faith" adorning my neck
Racks and shelves of wine
More shelves..
Katharine with "Grace" around her neck
Baby boy Bentley
Yummy shrimp plate
Calamari, yum
Leaving, we saw this lovely hair scrunchie around a water pipe...Keep Carrboro weird! :)



  1. Wow am I behind. Thanks for the great write-up for Nashville and our fun weekend. Fun week it sounds like at the Davis-Chapel Hill household. We had such a wonderful time with y'all last weekend. Gearing up for the last game of the weekend-Titans/Colts. Loved reading all your posts. Keep them coming!!

  2. Precious Baby Boy!!! He is adorable!