Monday, November 2, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

Well, we are back from our weekend in Jacksonville visiting family and going to the FL v GA football game! It was such a fun weekend and of course filled with traditions, as well as new traditions in the making now that there is a 6 month old little one. Friday, we split up guys and girls and mom and I went shopping and got pedicures while dad and Ben went pistol shooting and played golf. If I am ever in a hostage situation I now know that I have 2 men that can seriously harm the person holding me. :) Saturday, everyone got into town, Spencer wore his cute frog costume for his 1st Halloween, we went to the awesome game and then over to our annual Spencer/Cheney after party with 100 or so old friends! Such a wonderful tradition. So here are some pics from the fun weekend (did you think I wouldn't have any)...
Ribbit ribbit!!
I'm a super cute frog and know it!
Our family photo shoot plus Tucker
Our view from the stadium during the day
View during the 4th quarter... beautiful!
I love pulling Tucker's hair
My new favorite toy!


  1. Tucker is such a great Uncle. What a beautiful weekend!!

  2. Oh my that little boy is a heart melter!!!

  3. Haha He's so great and yes, absolute heart melter!!!