Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Neck What?

It's been quite chilly outside which means all the scarves are being busted out. However, I'm second guessing myself with my old scarves since there is a new fashion wave with the neck tube/shrug. It seems that the scarf is becoming the understudy. As I was playing on-line this morning I kept coming across these neck tubes on almost every fashion site. If you haven't seen them yet here are a few examples from high end to H&M affordable. My friend from high school,Timo Weiland somewhat started this trend a couple of years ago with his neck bow and skinny tie but now has the "draped collar in silk." This was when he was just starting out in the fashion world.
(Oh and by the way, H&M is really expanding their cities! They are now in Orlando FL, Edina MN, and coming to Raleigh. And for the men, they will be selling Jimmy Choo shoes come Nov. 14.)
Bop Basics $68
Faux Fur $75
Cashmere $175
Ella Moss $135 or take 30% off at Bloomingdales
Wouldn't this hat look great with a neck tube? I have been eyeing this little lovely at Anthropologie for a month now. $38

So I guess it's the season to adorn the neck...don't forget about custom necklaces or ready made necklaces at SMD!


  1. Just thought I would add my new fave circle scarf from american apparel - http://store.americanapparel.net/rsa0503.html?cid=51

    It is SO soft and is a great shawl too

  2. Oh I love that scarf! Wow, good find!