Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Since I was stuck inside during Irene's visit to the city and Hubs was out of town I got some much needed work done. Ideally, I would have just laid on the couch watching movies and eating chocolate but I've been a bit behind on Team Jewelry for Fall. Since Football kicks off this weekend and I didn't yet have one piece made I decided I needed to put the movie watching aside. By the way, how is it already the end of August and football is starting? I am super excited about football but just wasn't prepared this year! So here are the new pieces which could be worn everyday or with your cute game day outfit. If you're in a need of a new game day outfit check out my friend's new clothing line she created with her mom... Yours Truly clothing. (They were just featured in Southern Living, for you southern folks)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Heck of a Weekend

Whew! The weekend is over and Irene dumped some rain down on NYC. But that is basically all little miss priss did while she visited, thankfully. There was some flooding over in Brooklyn and the Westside of Meatpacking but not much else. I'm glad to say that Irene ended up being much less than predicted since Hubs was out of town (and now delayed 2 days getting back home) and we were only 1 block East of being in zone A, which was the evacuated zone. We were in zone B. I walked over to Battery Park City on Saturday during a break in the rain to run an errand for a friend who had to evacuate and it was a ghost town! Normally the park is filled with kids playing and people throwing the frisbee and football or just laying in the grass. Not Saturday, they were all forced to evacuate. All the stores were closed on my walk over there and let me tell you, when the streets of NYC are quiet it's a strange feeling. There were hardly any cabs on the road and I think I only passed 4 other people on my walk. From then on out it was raining off and on until Irene decided she was done with this town and needed to move on to the next. However, by the time she knocked at our door she had lost speed. So by Sunday mid morning people were out purveying the "damage." Thankfully, there really wasn't any. I went out around noon to join in the fun and to my surprise the ground wasn't even wet anymore! The rest of the day was cloudy but the rain had moved on. However, the sunset was beautiful that night! Or maybe I was just happy to finally see the sun again...

Rain, rain, and more rain
Not the prettiest of Saturday evenings

Saturday night - no cars on the road

Deserted road

Caution tape at entrances into Battery Park
Look at the grass - proof that it was windy
Lady Liberty still standing tall
All the boats left the marina
Cops were everywhere and people were already back running along the water in Battery Park City at 12:30 PM
People moving back home. Do you see any puddles???
Beautiful clouds! (pics don't show the pretty array of colors)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Oh Irene!

What's yall plans this weekend? Hubs left for North Carolina last night for a guys weekend. He was almost down right giddy with excitement when he left for work yesterday morning. I'm so happy for him that he gets to get away from work and just be with the guys and let loose. However, with the possible evacuation pending I wish I had him with me. However, I'm a Florida girl and have done this many of times during my lifetime. I already have my bottled water, just in case...

Here's what was on my door from our management in the apartment building. They're always looking out for us!

I hope you all stay safe and dry!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Womanly Art

Remember back in February when I told you I was starting to teach an art class at the Bowery Mission Women's Center? Well, I've been teaching weekly and I look forward to it every week because of these women. I finally took some pics yesterday of a few of the women and their art work.

She worked on this for 2 months and says she's going to hang it in her kitchen once she graduates so she knows where she came from.
This is a picture of what was fashionable for women where she grew up.
I wish I had the finished pic because it was great!

She grew up around NYC and has wonderful stories each week from what NYC used to be like

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer Nights

The weather the past few days has been idyllic. A high in the low 80s. So we've been trying to take full advantage. Last night in true Summer fashion I decided to test out my skills at making Lobster Rolls. Now there is much controversy over how a true Lobster Roll recipe is made. For instance, is it served in a hot dog bun, white bread, or a hoagie roll? Do you add diced up celery or not? Add herbs? So if you're from the New England area and reading this I'm sorry if I botched the recipe. But I would love to hear how you make them! So after making the Lobster Rolls, we headed over across the West Side highway and had a little dinner picnic in the park next to the Hudson River. (this is also a very special treat since Hubs has been working until 1-3AM in the morning the past 3 weeks) Now this is what I call a great Summer night!!

After being cooked for around 8-10 minutes

This little gem came yesterday! Can't wait to peruse through the 700 pages...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Iconic NYC

A weekend in (iphone) pictures might be more fun than telling you about it today. We did some icon NYC events which you should consider doing if ever in the city...at least once.

Shopping in JCrew at the Time Warner building. Love the color combinations!
Orange and coral!!
Girl brunch at Pastis in Meatpacking while our husbands played golf in Philly - Will be going back here!
Afternoon post sample sale drinks on the rooftop of the Standard (also in meatpacking)
Lounging with the view

Some in the mini pools
Watching the sunset over the Hudson
Hubs and I picnicking in Central Park after church on Sunday

Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekend Wear

Here's what I want to be wearing this weekend!

Cobalt blue dress to dinner
(Minus the tights) Shopping tomorrow!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Housewives Style

Since we've signed a two year lease we decided to make this little loft our own. I painted our bedroom this week while Hubs and I painted our huge long wall a few weeks ago. We've rearranged some of our bedroom furniture and I'm trying to put a few finishing touches on the place since the paint renovation extravaganza. So I went out today in search of some fabric to either make some pillows or curtains, etc. I went in a few fun shops but the most fun was Zarin Fabrics. Zarin, as in Jill Zarin from the Real Housewives of NYC. I kept hoping I would hear her NYC accent behind one of the rolls of fabric but I never did. This place was 2 city blocks long and 2 stories. I was honestly a bit overwhelmed. However, I did find some fabric that I might just have to do something with, although I'm unsure of what that might be as of yet. Check out these photos and let me know what you think of the fabric. Too much? Just right? Thoughts on what I should make?

Does this count as seeing Mrs. Jill Zarin at her desk???


So what do you think? Too housewives or more Bethenny style?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What's for Dinner

Last week while I was watching my two favorite little boys I needed an easy quick but yummy dinner. I found this Chicken Tostadas recipe and tweaked it a bit. Last night I needed a fast recipe and went back to this yummy now staple.

Jar of your favorite salsa
Can of Corn
1lb of Chicken
Monterey Jack Cheese
Red onion
corn tortillas
salt, pepper, chili powder, and cumin (chili powder and cumin are optional)
Avocado optional

Season chicken and cook in skillet while cutting up in small pieces. Add onion and corn to cook with chicken. Add cilantro and salsa to mixture. While the mixture is cooking broil your corn tortillas 1-2 mins on each side. Top tortilla with mixture and then finally top with desired amount of cheese. Place under broiler until cheese is melted, approximately 1 minute. Then eat! (I think tonight we'll have a side of rice to finish it off.)