Tuesday, October 20, 2009

All the Pretty Lights

If you have never been to a state fair before then you must go!! They are indescribable but I'll do my best. I have actually been to my fair share of fairs throughout my life and can't lie, I do love them! We had a girl's night with all the fair fun, bright lights and let's not forget about the wide range of healthy food. It's all organic and heart attack free. SIKE! But it is quite tasty. From turkey legs to fried oreos and everything in between you just can't go wrong with your choice. Even though I'm not 6 anymore, the rides are still so much fun (except the ferris wheel.) Although this go round my parents weren't there to bribe me with cotton candy to ride the ferris wheel with my sister. Yes, for some strange reason I am super scared of the monstrous ferris wheel. (However, I have jumped out of a plane before and would totally do it again.) Makes sense, right? For those of you who are planning to go to Raleigh's state fair then bring 4 cans of food on Thursday, Oct 22nd and get in free for Food Lion's Hunger Relief Day. It also ends this weekend on the 25th so hurry and don't miss out on all the many sights to see. But here are few from me to you...
As soon as we walked in the corn dogs called our names and we gave in
Later my friend...later!
After the funnel cakes and fried oreos

Really? Next time I will see her.
After the free fall...this was also the 1st time this guy smiled
Begin with yummy corn dogs
Wash it down with some fried oreos, (and you thought I was joking that we got them.)
And then go again
So many fun prizes!


  1. Looks and sounds like great fun. I hope you went and looked at the best part of the fair...the livestock barns. :)

    Love Dad

  2. Haha Well we didn't make it there but we did pass the "Hogway." Cute little piglets running in circles.

  3. So fun!! I love the fair! Remeber the Cumberland Vally Fair?

  4. Haha Yes I was talking about it that night! I even saw the "Gravitor" ride