Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weddings and Travels

Remember that wedding I did for Memorial Day with the awesome brooches? Well, the bride turned Mrs. just sent me a picture of all her gorgeous bridesmaids with the necklaces. At some point when life slows down and I actually stop traveling (that would be in Nov) then I'll be adding a new wedding page to the website. But for now, the pictures will be here on the blog. I'm working on a couple of weddings right now which will be fabulous additions to the page...these brides are so original and fun to work with!

I'm leaving for Florida today and will be on the beach with my old roommate (before I became a Mrs) It's her bachelorette weekend at the beach and I can't wait to hang out with she and her friends! After the weekend, I'm going straight to Indianapolis to see my dad's side of the family! I have always LOVED going up there and still do. All the cousins are about the same age so we've always hung out like friends which is absolutely awesome! I'll be sure to have some fun pics when I get back but for the next 5 days the posting will be from a schedule about fashion - sorry guys who follow...not going to be very exciting for you. To all you females I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Gorgeous. I loved those brooches!! I finally have internet and can follow again. Talk to you soon :)