Monday, August 9, 2010

Mr and Mrs Weekend

The past 4 days were so much fun! The wedding was in the North Carolina mountains which seriously could not have been prettier. It was gorgeous (with incredible weather.) On Thursday night there was a barbecue on top of a mountain with an awesome band including a banjo! Friday morning we had the bridesmaid luncheon on top of a mountain overlooking the other side down onto a lake! The luncheon was so sweet and the food was awesome. We had only a couple of hours before getting to the rehearsal so we sped home and played outside with the little guy. He loved climbing the rocks and "running" down the big hills out by the house! Then we got back in the car and went to the rehearsal at the most interestingly old church. It was made by stone and wood back in the beginning of the 1900s. They had to take each load of stone up the mountain and then go all the way back down to get the next load! Holy cow! The rehearsal dinner was my favorite setting of the wedding weekend - they were all incredibly cool though. It was in Diamond Creek up by the horse stables and this open rustic bar outdoor seating area that of course had an amazing view! You actually walk through the stables (where there was another awesome bluegrass band) to get to the food seating area. The dinner and toasts were so sweet! I cried but of course did not give a toast. If you do not know this about me - I am TERRIFIED of toasts - I didn't even give my sister one at her wedding and I was the maid of honor. I instead do cards. haha So after the big lead up the day had arrived! My dear friend was about to become a Mrs! She looked breathtaking and everything was perfect! Then in another spectacular location, we danced and talked to the night away with old friends! The weekend couldn't have been better. As Sis said at the toast - We gained another great guy into the Spencer/Cheney family! Enjoy the pics - there are a ton...

(My camera wasn't working for the 1st two days... boo)


  1. Great pictures! It certainly was a beautiful wedding! The bride was beautiful and the setting was spectacular! EVERYTHING was perfect! It was a fun weekend! Congratulations to the new Dr. and Mrs.!

  2. Rebecca - thank you so much for being part of such a special day! The weekend could not have been more amazing! Your pictures are absolutely incredible..I definitely want copies! The honeymoon was unbelievable and we are thrilled to be starting our lives together in Asheville! Love you! Miss you!

  3. Obviously that was Meg! Tell Ben hello!