Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Seafood Week

Last night I made the easiest dinner imaginable - however it tasted like it took more than 10 minutes. So I wanted to pass it along to my friends! It is a seafood pasta dish (but the seafood came from the frozen food section at Trader Joes.) OK so here goes if you're in the need for something tasty but super fast...

Trader Joes frozen seafood links (thawed)
tomato (seeded)
3 garlic cloves
whole wheat pasta

Make pasta like normal then dice the rest of the ingredients. Saute all ingredients for about 7-8 minutes. Toss together on plate. That's it, you're done!


  1. Just starting dinner. Wish I had time to run to Trader Joes! That looked great.

  2. Think I may run to TJ's this afternoon, thanks for sharing! Just made your delicious mac-n-cheese recipe the other night and thought of you! Don't worry, I gave you full credit. Also love the bathroom cabinet! Nice work. See you soon in the NYC!!!