Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jacket on My Back

So its getting to be that season where we begin to think about Fall (and football!) And with Fall comes Fall clothing!!! Fall clothing is one of my favorites since there is so much you can do with all the layers...multiple outfits underneath each other. The transitional pieces can always be tricky (at least for me) but this year it seems like the designers are trying to help us out a bit. They all have some sort of jacket type piece which seems to be tailored and shorter than last year. It seems to be more flattering than the boyfriend jackets from last year (although they're still around most are belted for some shape) I also am loving the new collars on the jackets! Now that we're up here in the north, maybe I'll invest in jackets for the first time in my life! Here is a very small selection from various designers I'd like to invest in...