Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I had been on the lookout for a small floor bathroom cabinet and 2 days I found it! I got it for only $19.99 which is unheard of. The only catch was that it was a dark brown color and our bathroom is white and green. For that price I figured I'd try to paint it and if it didn't take I wasn't out too much money. Well, it was the easiest shabby to chic project I've ever done and yet the hardest. How you ask? I didn't have to do any sanding at all (which is always the part that I dread) since it's not real wood :) BUT since it wasn't real wood I had to put 6 coats of paint on each piece! Literally 6 coats!! That takes a long time considering the coats have to somewhat dry before the second (or 4th) coat can go on. Atlas, I finished and it looks great! Now I had somewhere to put all that bathroom clutter. Here's the before and after...

The daunting directions (front and back)
On my way - Putting it together
And finished! the knob is one I picked up at Michaels for only a $1!

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  1. That is adorable and I know it will be so useful. How are you and Ben liking NYC, and is he liking his job? Hope all is well. Love, Rhonda