Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Farm Finale

Are y'all tired of our trip to Indiana yet? Well, today is the last day because tomorrow I have some big news to announce!!!!

So to finish the trip up, I'll take you to my Uncle's incredible farm. Going to the farm and being with cousins used to be one of my absolute favorite things to look forward to all growing up. When I say "growing up" I actually mean still to this day. It brings back so many awesome memories riding/driving the 3 wheeler (no, I do not mean 4 wheeler) around the farm, picking any kind of berries and eating them straight from the bush, playing in the gift shop and obviously acting like I owned the place when customers would come in (even though I was only 8.) I can't explain how much fun it was and still is!

So of course yet again, Sister and I were excited to show the little guy the farm and again see his reaction to another one of our favorite memories. Needless to say, he loved it! But that was a given. So here are the last pictures of Indiana... Enjoy and come back tomorrow for the exciting news!
Papa and Kirby in their usual spot by the gift shop

Sis and little guy picking raspberries
Uncle Kyle picked a baby pumpkin for the little guy
The beautiful flowers I got from the gift shop
Check out all those melons
Just some of the candy in the shop
Spencer Farm fresh salsa, jam and butters - yummy!
So if you're in the area go check out Spencer U-Pick Farm


  1. I don't know if I can't wait until tomorrow for the big news...what is it??

    Looks like y'all had such a fun trip. Loved seeing you and Ben at the wedding - and can't wait to come visit you in NYC soon.


  2. You actually already know what the news is but on another note- I'm coming to DC for Helen's wedding Sept 9th weekend! Maybe I can come see you and your new digs!!!

  3. Do I know the news?? I think I do, but now I'm not so sure!


  4. Ahhhh...ok - just wanted to make sure I wasn't out of the loop. :) Yay - I would love, love, love to see you! You will be my first visitor (other than my momma) - and I will have been there for a week, so I plan to be mostly unpacked. I am THRILLED to see you!


  5. Yes, you Mrs Coleman also know the news! I can't wait to hear about the honeymoon - the pics were awesome!

  6. Can't wait to hear what it is! I hope the apartment is shaping up the way you want:)