Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tractors and Now Fairs

Since I showed y'all all about our ventures with the tractors yesterday, today I'll let y'all experience the Indiana State Fair. Before you start to judge, the state fair is one of my favorite things (if you remember last year's post of the North Carolina State Fair!) I love the people watching, the food, the animals, the rides and of course all the other sights that go along with fairs in general. It's such a fun time and great for the whole family - which is exactly what the Spencer side of the family did.

The three Spencer brothers and most of their families (although now that half are married it makes it a bit harder for everyone to get together) met up at the fair and we went to town! We started at the giant foot long corndog stand, then moved to BBQ, then to the all famous dairy barn for milkshakes. After we downed all this we made our way to all the barns. There's some history here - my Uncle actually used to compete in the sheep show competition. Isn't that crazy?! So after we walked through the barns and the little guy saw lots of new animals that he was enamored with we moved to the rides. However, by this point it was around 10pm on a work night...meaning we only rode 2 rides and those consisted of the carousel and the bee ride with, of course, the little guy. We all slept quite well that night and I'm ready for next year!!

I just really wanted you to get the full experience of being at the fair...doesn't it look yummy?! :)
Naaaayyyy says Mr Ed
The largest pig ever - it couldn't even stand to eat
Baby cow with a baby boy - little guy was fascinated

Before we took off!
Such a little dare devil!


  1. I grew up going to fairs in Memphis and when we lived in Texas we would go to the Ft. Worth stock show. This is so much fun and I only have fond memories of it. The smells are the most amazing. What an awesome weekend with your family. Very different from NYC, huh?! Rhonda

  2. Haha Quite different but both have great people watching. :) Nothings better than a great fair, though!

  3. Looks awesome! It reminds me of where I grew up in Kentucky:)