Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wedding Part 2

So yesterday I shared pictures of the lead up of the wedding so today here are just a couple of pictures on the actual day. Unfortunately, when I looked through all the pictures from the wedding I didn't have that many good ones. But the last picture shows just how in-love the newly married couple is.
Also, I was fortunate enough to be asked by the bride (my sis-in-law) to make the bridesmaid's necklaces. Sis-in-law found the crosses on the necklaces at a flea market when she was 17. Almost 10 years later, she still had the crosses and it ended up that the number of crosses was the same number as bridesmaids. How about that?! So she sent me the crosses and I made each a bit different. Its a cool story, huh?!



  1. LOVE my necklace and loved getting to talk with you so much!

  2. The necklaces were perfect!! You did such a great job on them.