Monday, November 15, 2010

A DASH of a weekend

Happy Monday morning to you all! This weekend was great but fast! First off, my sister's husband came in town for a guy's weekend with the Hubs (and to see Dave Matthews at Madison Square Garden.) I was supposed to be in Auburn for the big AU vs GA game, although I ended up not going and therefore somewhat crashed guy's weekend. Before we go any further - WAR EAGLE! Now moving on, I had some girl time myself which is by far one of my favorite things. I also learned that I have forgotten how to shop - or should I say shop and pull the trigger. You see, after being on a student's budget the past 2 years I've somehow forgotten how to walk away from a store with items in a bag. And yet another reason to have girl time - shopping "encouragers" which in turn helps the economy. :) Haha Sunday was a fun day - I spent the day crashing guy time. After church the 3 of us went to lunch, Central Park, then back home where we ended up seeing Kim and Kourtney Kardashian filming the opening scene of their new show - Kim and Kourtney Take NYC. (They are staying in a hotel a block from our place.) The setup is quite elaborate for such a thing - not quite reality. However, still cool to see the background work that goes into it all. We got a lot of iphone pictures but no real camera pics. I hope yall's weekend was wonderful and exciting as well!
I snapped a pic of the guys while not looking
The crowd on the other side of the street looking on the filming process
This is just one of the lights
Kim - touching up makeup


  1. Isn't it nice to know you live in such a cool city and in such an incredibly cool area of the city? Glad your bro-in-law had two great guides to take him around the city!! GO WAR EAGLES!!