Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The World is Pink

Well, I personally have not been into pink since I was a little girl. Since I have blonde hair and am short I sometimes feel a bit cutesy and little when I put on pink. (I love pinks on other people though.) However, I can say that I am getting over this issue and have actually gotten on board with this Springs bright pink tones and peaches. Who knows maybe I'm growing up. :) So since it's a hot color SMD has a few pink and peach pieces in the Spring collection! What are your thoughts about these colors?

Lovely peach
Ella Moss Nora Dress
Dress I recently bought

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  1. Check out Target for their new line of Liberty of London stuff. I want the bicycle and it's sold out everywhere. I also love the gardening gloves. Lots of pink flowers. So cute. Here it is:

  2. Oh it's so cute! I guess everyone else thought it was really cute,too!! I'll look in our Target just to be sure for you.