Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tan or Not to Tan?

Well, we're back and we're back without tans. This trip was definitely great but totally not what we were expecting when we planned it. You see, the week started off with a beautiful sunny day but then for the rest of the trip it was gloomy and rained every day! When it wasn't raining we managed to sit by the pool, read and sip our fruity tropical drinks (under clouds.) Then when it would start to rain we would go to the open air lounge area and play copious amounts of UNO! I hadn't played UNO in years but I have to say that it was great and I'm ready to go and buy my own deck! We had some serious matches between us...some people even came over to ask how we were still playing that card game. haha (we only have UNO pictures) The second to last night, hubby came down with some sort of stomach thing and we ended up flying back the rain. It was so great to get away with just the Hubs, even with the gloomy weather!Now I'm completely ready for Spring to arrive! I've been working on all new Spring necklaces and earrings since we've been back. Does it feel like Spring where you are???

Tree outside our room
Only 6 left!

He thought he was about to win...
Until...multiple "draw 4" and "skips" and look where he is now! This literally went on for an hour
We have no beach pics so I will leave you with a Spring necklace

Electric Pop


  1. LOVE LOVE the the necklace! The purple beads are to die for! :) Glad you had a good time on your trip..but sorry to hear the weather was crummy. That stinks! At least you came back to nice weather, lets just hope it's here to stay!!!

  2. What a bummer about the weather! But, I love card games too, and sometimes that can be just as much fun as anything else.

    Love the new necklace! I wore mine to my weekend in Nashville and everyone loved it.

  3. It's warm here, but cloudy + rain on the way. Pics are darling! It's still nice to hear and see the ocean even in the rain, isn't it??!!??

  4. Yes, I love the beach no matter what and a good card game makes it even better! Thanks for the love regarding the necklace!