Tuesday, March 16, 2010

September Issue

No, no I'm not confused on the months. I know it's April. Just joking, March. Anyway, Hubby and I actually watched the Anna Wintour (aka Vogue) documentary movie, September Issue the other night. We didn't find anything that tickled our fancy while scrolling through OnDemand until I saw Sept Issue. Of course, I was intrigued since I was an Apparel Merchandising and Product Design major but was apprehensive to suggest it to Hubby since he being in Finance probably wouldn't like it. However, one of the many reasons I love the man is his openness to my interests and fascinations. He's constantly asking questions about the Buying world and retail related topics. Also, he loves documentaries. And since the September Issue is a documentary he was also intrigued! It was an interesting movie. At times it made me miss working in a retail corporate office - I used to love the fast pace life style, things were constantly changing or having to be re-worked, all the racks of clothes in my office/outside and many other fun things. However, there were also lots of times that I realized how great it is to be out of the corporate world and on my own time schedule and still doing what I love! Anna Wintour is most definitely an interesting woman.

Sorry if this was rambling on and on - I was watching LOST while writing this...

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  1. Is this a look of displeasure or just her "poker face" look so as not to reveal her opinions on the fashions. I want to see this docu. xoxo

  2. I don't know if you know this about me, but I wanted to be a fashion designer for 2 solid years (ages 10-12). I had a crayola fashion design kit and I thought I was the bomb. Then someone saw my designs, said they were ugly and the dream ended. It's ok though, I am really not very creative without the help of crayola's kit :-). Anyway, I didn't mean to write all of this, I meant to only write that I miss Brixx pizza! Haha, could I be more random.

  3. Haha I had the same kit! And yes, I won't name names but someone told me the same thing. I'll send you some pizza in the mail... :)

    Her "poker face" is unbelievable!! Definitely see it!