Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Oh my goodness! I definitely have the no-motivation bug lately! I can't seem to get motivated for the life of me. You would think that this started a few months ago when I decided to go off of my ADD medicine but no I was fine...it's now that we know where we are moving that I am all over the place with no focus. Hubby and I laugh because during these last 9 months when we had no clue where we were going to be after business school we were fine living in the moment, enjoying life and having to trust God for our next move. BUT NOW that we know the job situation and the city, we're both anxious and having a very difficult time living in the moment! That doesn't make sense!!! It should be the other way around. At the same time, we're bothincredibly sad to leave the friends that we have made here (and of course the perfect North Carolina weather.) However, we both feel that these friends will be life-long friends!

The only thing that I've really been motivated to do is clean out the house and get it ready for a tiny little NYC shoebox apartment. I can't even tell you how many trash bags of stuff I had! It was crazy how much 2 people can accumulate.

I'm hoping that I can begin focusing on jewelry again!! It's great to be my own boss but also dangerous at the moment...

Here's a bit of my car on the way to Goodwill
I did manage to make this custom necklace for a wedding
And this piece which is up on the website


  1. REBECCA!!! OMG! This is such amazing news that your long yearned for move to NYC is finally happening! Congrats. That is so great! I just discovered your blog today-- didn't even know you had one! Thanks for all the sweet comments about Bowen on mine-- we def need to catch up soon and I want to hear all the details about Ben's job! So happy for you guys!! J xo

  2. Jess!!!!! I would love a catch up call soon!!!!! So much to fill you in on... :)