Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I was hoping to post about some exciting news today but I guess it will have to wait. However, I still have an exciting post about my new friend. I love that through my business I get to meet new people all over the United States. And most of them have fun talents or businesses of their own! One of my new friends is located in Alabama and has a super cute kids clothing business. Cydney, is my new friends and owns Sweet Caroline Boutique. Check out some of the great smocking and gifts items! Since its almost summertime I'm thinking Spencer would be cute in these...
Cute little preppy swim trunks!

SeaPals Boys Smocked Swim Trunk by Zuccini
Hopefully, I'll have some exciting news tomorrow!!!

Cooking in our apartment
A clean kitchen


  1. 1) super cute!!
    2) Only announce that you are moving to charlotte..nothing else will work for me!

  2. love those cute kiddie clothes, i'll have to mark that as a favorite! and will be anxious to hear your exciting news :)

  3. Haha hmmm, well hopefully tomorrow!!! If not then it might be next week... boo

  4. New friends are always so much fun ;) those are so cute!