Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cover it Up!

So it's finally warming up here and feeling much like Spring!! Last year we never had those wonderful couple of Spring like months - it went from in the 50s to straight up high 80s lower 90s. So I'm going to live up these lovely days in the mid to upper 70s! It also means that it is time to bust out those bathing-suits and get in the sun. However, I can tell you that I am less excited about getting into that garment, which is why it's also cover-up season! I love a good cover-up, don't you? Here's a few to get a spring in your step...

Old Navy
Shoshanna Peasant Tunic Cover-Up
Shoshanna Cinched Tie Dye Cover Up
Diane Von Furstenberg (my favorite)
Diane von Furstenberg Zahia Cover Up Dress

1. Some motivation
2. Spring weather

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  1. I can absolutely SEE you in that DVF one- it is SO you. I may need to look these up as we're going to be on the NC coast in 3 weeks and I am pasty white and NOT ready to bear it all in a swim suit!!! When's the big move? Will be in Raleigh 22-24 April. Leave 24 April for beach-- let's see if we can set something up!!