Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tropic Tan!!

Our vacation couldn't have come at a better time! We have been so busy this month that we're ready to relax! Hubby has been flying to interviews, running a Bschool conference and taking finals. I have been (thankfully) busy with filling orders, making jewelry and traveling for jewelry. It's been a great month for both of us BUT that doesn't mean that we haven't been counting down the days since the 1st of February! We are leaving for Punta Cana, Dominican Republic this coming Tuesday! We're calling it our "honeymoon" even though we did take a honeymoon when we got married but everything was such a whirlwind that this will probably feel more like a honeymoon. (For those of you who don't know the story, we got engaged, married and moved to a new city all within 3 months) It was busy! So now we're going to celebrate, and celebrate we will! Eat, drink, sleep, tan and did I mention eat?!?

I'm so excited about the resort we're going to next week! It's all-inclusive and adult only, so it will be quiet and relaxing. I won't have to worry about how much that drink costs as I'm becoming dehydrated on the beach. And yes, I will be wearing SPF 50. So I might not get a tan but I think I made up for that growing up in Florida at the beach - without wearing any SPF. Yes, my mom did tell me to put it on but I was young and stupid. Here are some of my new items I will be taking to the tropics...
Face shade hat and new bathing suit

"Winning Star" SMD necklace...remember that little starfish pin from yesterday's pic? This one sold today but I'll be making one more!

1. for each of you who read this blog!
2. that a little cold is JUST a little cold.


  1. SUPER SUPER cute bathing suit!! Hope ya'll have a great trip...I'm so jealous your going somewhere warm! We have some friends that are down in Punta Cana right now!

  2. I wish I were going somewhere warm, too! We got hammered with over a foot of snow last night, and the storm is still going strong! I will be spending this weekend curled up in sweats.

    All-inclusive resorts really are great. We went to one for our honymoon and loved it! No carrying cash for $5 bottles of water.

  3. Hey friend- can I come on your honeymoon with you...please?!?!?!
    PS- LOVE the necklace!

  4. Have so much fun! One of my friends and her husband went to a similar resort in DR last year and had a blast! I'm hoping to go somewhere warm soon-I literally have windburn on my face from going on a walk yesterday. Enjoy!

  5. Haha It's so crazy how much snow we're all getting this year. NYC is crazy today!!! Kendall, I live in sweats! :)

    Becky, you should totally come with us! It can be a practice round for you. haha

    Paige - any tips on where to go from your friends down there?

  6. Have so much fun fun FUN on your trip! Sounds like it will be amazing and I'm sure that you will look fabulous to boot :)

  7. Love the new "I'm thankful for" tradition. I read your sis's blog too! Spencer is SO cute! The starfish necklace is beautiful! Hope to see you before leaving Tuesday!

  8. Thanks credit goes to sister! Rachel is putting up new videos of little Spence tonight (hopefully) :)

  9. Becca, You and Ben have a wonderful relaxing honeymoon trip. Got to see all of Ben's family yesterday at party for Logan and Logan. We missed you guys and are anxious to hear where you will be going next. So excited that Jimmy and Ellen are finally in the same city. Love,Rhonda

  10. your two-piece swimsuit looks really cute! and that accessory...just lovely! :)

  11. wow that blue necklace is a real stunner! sooo pretty