Thursday, April 1, 2010

Frame It!

Yesterday was a great day! It was beautiful here. Not a cloud in the sky, upper 70s, with the fresh scent of Spring flowers in the air. Can you tell I'm loving this? I'm not the only one either, there were so many people out walking today, it seems that no one can stay inside. However, I did manage to get some stuff done before venturing outside. Remember pre-Christmas when I had those earring frames? Well, I have 2 left that I am selling but not putting up on the website. So that means that there are two people (if wanted) that can buy these lovely earring frames. They are $36 each plus shipping. Here's a look at one of them...

Now I must get ready to go and work out by the pool today!! Ahh, the joys of being my own boss

Only $36
This is my personal frame which serves only for what it looks like once earrings are hanging...

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