Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Big Apple

Big Apple, here we come!!! My awesome hubby surprised me today by telling me that we were taking a trip to NYC mid December!! This is absolutely my favorite time of year to visit. I love window shopping, the Rockefeller tree, bundling up, all the magical lights, the lovely Rockettes, well I guess basically everything! My family used to always go up over Thanksgiving when the Christmas season was in full swing but we haven't been now (except for when it's hot) for a few years. This was such an amazing surprise by such an amazing guy. Send some suggestions our way for places to eat, etc. so we don't just hit up the same places we always do...

Manhattan Sunset Dream #3 by <span class=

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Bergdorf Goodman's holiday window display
Radio City Music Hall by Klingon65.


  1. This is a regular place for so many, but if you don't go to the Magnolia Bakery and eat one of those amazing cupcakes, I might cry;) Can't wait to see the pictures of your awesome finds...cause we all know you are going shopping while you are there!

  2. how EXCITING...and how sweet of him!!!! what a fun time of year to go. i also LOVE nyc at the holidays :) i make matt take me everytime we go up to nj for christmas!

  3. Oh I know, I can't wait! We'll definitely hit up magnolia bakery for a few cupcakes... :) and yes, do some major budget friendly shopping!!! Any ideas for nice budget hotels?