Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Smith to Sturge

Whew! What a weekend. One of my best friends tied the knot this weekend is chilly Greenville, SC. Who knew it could get so cold in the south? All the coldness aside, it was a gorgeous wedding with not a detail missed! Miss Whitney Smith finally became Mrs. Whitney Sturge! Mr. Sturge was quite excited, as well. After having a weekend full of wedding festivities, it got me pumped for the future weddings I'm making the jewelry for this Spring. I now have the needed inspiration that I was lacking after such a busy holiday season. I unfortunately did not have time to take any pictures so all the pics below are courtesy of friends and of course check out Amy Free's website for awesome pics of the bridesmaid luncheon. (I wish I had been able to make it for this since I hear it was absolutely breathtaking.)

Now that I do not have any travels in the near future, I will begin organizing like I claimed last week...
Cool loft we got our makeup and hair done
pics before the reception
beautiful wedding cake
Gorgeous bride and honorary bridesmaids

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  1. Glad to have your blog back!!
    It looks like a beautiful wedding and Whitney certainly was a beautiful bride!!