Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Painted Talent

I hope everyone had a wonderfully long holiday weekend. I sure did! So I wanted to share an incredibly creative and talented find with you. JoAnna Gillander, is super talented when it comes to anything painting! However, she specializes in painting floors as well as cute stools and chairs for the kiddos. I am already drooling over some of her designs for when hubby and I actually move into a house...although that might not be for a while! So if you're needing an updated look for your house, patio, or new shop or restaurant JoAnna is your person. (Don't forget about the decorations for the kiddos) Did I mention that her prices are also affordable?! Have fun checking out some of her designs... (if you're interested then email JoAnna at joAnna.gillander@gmail.com)

So pretty!
Can't you imagine this in a swank hotel or restaurant?


  1. I know! I really really want a house with a painted patio! haha

  2. These floors are beautiful. What a unique talent. Thanks for sharing. Your new favorite fan--Rhonda Simmons(Ben's aunt). Great blog and I love your jewelry.