Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Well, I'm not big on new year's resolutions (actually I never make them) but I figured that there are a lot of things that I need to work on and so why not put them on paper. It's always good for me to reflect and figure out where I need to make improvements in my life so here are a few, 25 to be exact... Feel free to add your own!!

1. Be an encouraging wife
2. Eat healthier (I've learned this from my California friends)
3. Keep up with friends even when life is busy
4. Learn how to cook more than chicken (which I have a head start on thanks to my aunt in-law)
5. Continue expanding Spencer Morgan Designs
6. Move somewhere so we can have a yellow lab
7. Tell my parents how much I appreciate them and all they sacrificed for us growing up
8. Support my hubby even after a frustrating day
9. Learn how to put on makeup, most people my age know how to do this already
10. Memorize bible verses
11. Read other books than murder mysteries
12. Learn how to enjoy watching basketball for the hubby (I love football but not basketball)
13. Be more compassionate
14. Tell people about my dad's smart new business, The Spencer Group (website coming)
15. Trust the Lord about where we will be come May when the hubs graduates B School
16. Tell my in-laws that I love them more
17. Work on my photography skills (I have a lot of room for improvement)
18. Give the glory to God since it's not because of anything I do
20. Fix my sewing machine so I can create home designs(I like to have my hand in lots of things)
21. Perfect my yoga poses
22. Make this blog larger and get more followers!!!
23. Only wear 50 SPF or higher (goodbye skin cancer & wrinkles ...too bad I already have both)
24. Continuing learning how to run and grow a business
25. Let everyone know how much I care about them!!

So these are my 25 "resolutions." What are some of yours?


  1. My resolutions are to run a half-marathon, read at least a book a month, and to listen better to my amazing wife!

  2. We have so many of the same resolutions! I thought I was the only adult lady that has no idea on how to put on makeup :-). I hope that 2010 is a great year for you and Ben! May you also live somewhere that has a yellow cab or two!

  3. Haha you're hilarious!! Maybe we should take a makeup class together...

  4. The only makeup class I've ever had was at a friend's birthday party in 8th grade. My friend is black and the makeup was meant for people with her skin tone; however, the makeup artist used the makeup on me and all the other white girls there. Needless to say, it was a little overwhelming to see the results and I still have a hard time knowing what makeup is best on my own skin tone :-).

  5. I love your list! You have inspired me to create one!

  6. Thanks! What's yours? Also where is the pic of Spencer silencing his people? haha