Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Plaid Baby

One of my new obsessions has been plaid!! Granted I used to think of plaid as only something Ellie May Clampett, of the Beverly Hillbillies wore, catholic school girl uniforms and of course my amazing plaid puffy sleeves and lace collar dress that I wore when I was little. Well, the fashion has improved my dears. Check out all of the fashionable plaid-wearing people and styles there...
kristen cavallari by belladivine.
Kristen Cavallari looks polished in a plaid top paired with heels
Mad about Plaid: Celebrity Style Plaids
Carrie Underwood in Vintage Burberry
BLAKE LIVELY'S TIGHTS photo | Blake Lively
Blake Lively in tartan DKNY tights

My H&M navy and red plaid motorcycle jacket


  1. I love plaid too. I really like those plaid tights I haven't seen them before!

    I got two plaid long sleeved tops from top shop and I literally live in them

  2. I love your jacket - we just got an H&M in Orlando - so exciting!

  3. I know! I found the plaid tights but haven't bought them yet, still waiting... I love the necklace that you're wearing in your recent post!

    Rach, there are some cute things for you in H&M. you should go!!

  4. I wore a black and red plaid long top today! I have some plaid tights I will NEVER wear anywhere!!!

  5. Oh you should wear them when we go see the Nutcracker! :) Why do you always have the styles that I want... haha