Thursday, December 3, 2009

New York State of Mind

After watching the Rockefeller Christmas Tree lighting and my DVR of Gossip Girl last night it's gotten me in a New York state of mind. So I decided to share some fun NYC pics since I'm short on time and actually have a TON to do today. Since I've been sick in bed the past few days I'm way behind on all the things I needed to get done before my show tonight! I can't wait to share pics of the show with you tomorrow! Enjoy NYC for the day...
xmas tree at the rockefellar center by dnzsea.
I'm excited to see it in person...
Blake Lively by mademoisellevelyn.
Photo courtesy of Mademoisesellevelyn
Sienna Miller by Joanna <span class=
Sienna Miller in NYC photo courtesy of Joanna Vreeland
Gwyneth <span class=
Gwyneth Paltrow photo courtesy of Cokate

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