Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's a Wrap

I've been thinking about how and when to wrap all the Christmas presents (or do I now have to say "Holiday presents" to be PC.) See, this year we're flying to both families which means I have to go and buy wrapping paper, etc once we get to each destination and then wrap our pretty gifts. I have to admit that I love matching up the corners all nice and folding under the paper to make perfectly straight lines BUT I am not good at bows!!! Not at all! My mom and her best friend are amazing at perfecting these beautiful bows. I have tried numerous times to conquered the bows but haven't gotten there yet. However, these Christmas presents were totally conquered and so creative!

Eco Friendly as well - for directions on how to go to Country living
2 gifts in one!
Jingle Bells
All from colored tape...

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