Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Football and Food

If you looked through the mass of pictures in yesterday's blog post you probably wouldn't think we did anything this past weekend besides walk and around and take pictures. However, we did take some time to fit some football in on Saturday! We are quite the football fans and create quite the setup - well Hubs creates quite the setup with his IT skills. So after we had watched the most important SEC games we thought it would be fun to have some friends come over for the night games. However, I didn't have time to cook dinner but still wanted to have enough finger foods to replace a big dinner. I looked on Pinterest and found an easy fast ham and cheese crescent roll sandwich. I figured these sandwiches with a few other dips would do the part. These would also be great for toddlers to help with.

Our three "tvs" with 3 different games

A couple of packages of Pillsbury crescent rolls, Ham sandwich meat, slices of cheese - your choice
Roll those puppies up with the point down

And of course a blueberry pie


  1. Impressive TV set up with yummy food!FUN!!

  2. I love college football Saturdays!

  3. Just viewed your album from Sunday! wow Can't wait to hear about all you saw. Great football on Saturday! And a slice of History before your eyes on Sunday! Great Weekend.