Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall Obsession

Since Labor Day has come and gone I consider this the start of Fall (although Hubs keeps telling me otherwise.) Especially since today's high is going to be around 73 degrees! Labor Day weekend was a great start to kickoff Fall. I was down in Nashville visiting my in-laws which made it that much more fun watching the first weekend of football down in the heart of SEC nation! Go Gators and War Eagle! We grilled out Saturday night, which is exactly what should happen during football season.And while we were shopping for dinner we found none other than the great seasonal pumpkin beer! That means it really is the beginning of Fall! I love this time of the year. Now that the Fall has arrived it's time to start the Fall baking. And that is exactly what I did yesterday. I made pumpkin bread, while drinking a pumpkin beer. I'll be making something else pumpkin today although I haven't made up my mind as to what it might be...there's just too many good recipes out there.  Ahhh, the hard choices that go with Fall...

The first pumpkin flavors of the year

Pumpkin Bread, which I had to try
Daddy-O and Little Man at the Gator Game
Car thermometer down in Nashville - someone forgot to tell it Fall has arrived

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