Friday, April 1, 2011

Weekend Fun

If I had given some preparation to this post like normal I would have tried to play some sort of April Fool's joke. However, I didn't and therefore failed with a joke. :(
However, let's talk about this weekend! Hubby brought home roses for me last night - just because (no joke!) It started the weekend off in a great unexpected way. We're also using a groupon for this neighborhood place tonight. So what are yall up to this first weekend of April?


  1. They are beautiful!! I love those "just because" surprises!!

  2. Rebecca - what kind of camera do you have?? We need a new one. Weekend plans include sorting/washing baby clothes and picking up the new double buggy! Getting close!! xo

  3. Thanks for reminding me it's April Fool's Day! Beautiful flowers - how sweet! Enjoy your weekend and your Groupon!

  4. He's very sweet!
    Jess, I love that you're getting your double buggy!! Our camera is a Cannon Rebel XSi and we love it. (I'll be emailing you today)