Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Food Craze

Are Doughnuts the new Cupcake? Oh I hope so! If there were a plate full of doughnuts and a plate full of cupcakes - I would always go for the doughnuts. (Especially Krispy Kreme.) So if you've followed this blog for more than a couple months then you already know this little tid bit about me. I've said it before but this love for doughnuts started back at the age of around 4. Beginning with going on dates with my dad to Krispy Kreme (age 4), driving to Montgomery at 10PM (which is 35 minutes away from Auburn) in college just to get Krispy Kremes, then having Krispy Kremes passed out at the end of our wedding, Hubs surprising me with Krispy Kremes after going through Penn Station. The list goes on and on. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard that doughnuts are becoming the new cupcake. For the past month I have read article after article regarding where the best doughnuts are around the city and I intend to hit all the places! Here are some of the good reads on my beloved food item...

I obviously wrote this blog post out of the goodness of my heart in trying to inform you of the new craze that you should all jump on! (wink wink) By the way, where have you had your favorite doughnut? I might need to take a roadtrip...

These were a surprise a while ago from Hubs, returning through Penn Station!


  1. I would love to go exploring this new craze with you!

  2. Let's go Peanut...Krispy Kreme here we come!!! One of the best things about football and basketball season after the games in Gainesville!

  3. Dad, when you come up we'll have to make a few stops in Penn station!!

  4. I love Krispy Kreme too! I haven't had any in forever...I need to fix that!

  5. one of my friends tried this and mentioned this on facebook earlier in the week. i totally thought of you:

  6. Ahhhh oh my goodness, I don't even think I could handle that!

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