Monday, April 4, 2011

MoMa and Mexican

Good Monday Morning to you! How was your weekend? Our weekend was a busy one! Friday we went to the MoMa and had a look around. It was the first visit for both Hubby and me. There were definitely some exhibits that I did not understand. The normal - "why is this considered art?" question popped into my head more than a few times. But then there were also some quite famous exhibits. After our walk around the museum we ventured back downtown to the Mexican restaurant I mentioned on Friday. We had a feast! And I'm still feeling it. Saturday, we volunteered in the park again and then ran home to get ready for our girl's terrarium party. The party was so girly and fun. We again had lots to eat and then learned how to make our very own terrarium! They turned out so cute. Tomorrow I'll upload the pics from that party. For now, check out MoMa!

The start of the music exhibit
Hubs enjoying some Beastie Boys
Van Gogh
Me trying to figure out why garbage bags in a shopping cart is considered art. (Necklace is the new Locket for My Pocket)
We tried to get artsy and modern as well

Do you think we created art?
Becoming gluttons back downtown at Paella Mexican
Now its time to work!

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