Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Friends, Food, and Freedom

I couldn't blog yesterday because I was still too full from all the eating that went on this weekend! :) No, I was actually just lazy as the Hubby says. However, this weekend was anything but lazy (sort of.) It was fun-filled to say the least. Friday we had a large group of people, (including my old roommate from Charlotte and her fiancée) cook out by the pool! It was so great to catch up. This was just the beginning of the food coma weekend. (I am going to post recipes of some of the yummies that were made this weekend at a later date.) Sunday, after a great sermon at church regarding the resurrection of Christ we headed over to our friends house for a potluck brunch! We had so much awesome food and drinks!! We talked, ate and laughed until everyone forced themselves to leave 4 hours later. It was a great last Easter weekend in North Carolina! And I love that Easter brings such an incredible hope and freedom to a world that has little. It's so nice to know that only by grace do I have hope and not anything I actually do! I hope yall had a great weekend as well.

1st Easter for little bud!
The eggs were filled with his favorite - dirt and rocks
Our tasty drink sation
Forgot to take a pic before we dug in - this is only 1/2 of the food
Friday baked mac & cheese - recipe later
One reason why Hubby married me - mom's recipe for blueberry pie


  1. Wow! You guys went all out! If you'd like, shoot me an email with the dates that you'll be in NY and we'll try to schedule a quick lunch or something in between your apartment hunting.

  2. Yes, it was fantastic! We'll be up there on Thursday and Friday this week. we're meeting with a guy at 1 on Thursday after we look in Tribeca, etc and at 10:30 on Friday with someone...

  3. Well, my office is in Tribeca and the neighborhood is so awesome. I'm sending good luck your way. I'm sure you'll find a great place.