Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Bud

It's our little buds birthday today! It's crazy to think that this time last year I had had my bags packed for 2 weeks waiting for Sis' call saying she was in labor so I could jump in the car and make the 9 hour drive to meet our new nephew. The text message came around 9:30 am and I met the little bud around 10 that night. He has completely changed our family's world! He was such an adventurous little boy from the beginning and his adventures have just continued to grow. It's been so fun to see his personality come through, and boy does he have a personality! He is the happiest baby I've ever known (which is a complete 180 from the first month or so of his colicky life.) I can't wait to see he and his cousins play together! I can only imagine how fun they're going to be. :) Happy Birthday Little Bud!!! We love you very much! ( Warning, there are a year's worth of pics below)

From the very beginning...
Meeting in the hospital
Arrived home and a bit confused
Dad is so comfy
3 months later and still like sleeping on chests
4 months and still loves the football hold

Teething on the cup
ribbit ribbit (6 months)
7 months and meeting Great Grandpa!
7 months and already playing golf with dad
9 months and loves pulling out everything in cabinets
10 months playing in the dirt, a regular pastime


  1. Love the memories!!Wow!! It has been such a fast year!!!

  2. Spencer is one lucky little boy to have an aunt and uncle that love him so much!! Thanks for being there a year ago today - and thanks for remembering him today! We love you!