Monday, February 8, 2010

Blizzard weekend

My oh my! Well, I last left you heading to DC for the National Prayer Breakfast. Hubby and I got there on time Wednesday evening ready for an encouraging and family fun weekend. The DC week/weekend turned into family fun in North Carolina. Thursday afternoon after the actual Prayer Breakfast the thousands of guests started to disappear (or were trying.) Not because of the Prayer Breakfast (although it was definitely way more political than ever and Jesus was hardly ever mentioned) but because of the blizzard that was quickly approaching! Late Friday morning called for the beginning of the historic DC snow storm. All flights were cancelled and rental cars were disappearing like ghosts. This would not have been a problem for Hubs and I since we drove from North Carolina BUT my parents, sister, bro-in-law and baby had to get back to Florida. We finally decided to pile into our car and drive back to NC on Friday morning... after listening to Tim Tebow and Danny Wuerffel speak. :) (However, we still were able to go out with some friends and catch up!) But so we didn't get to spend the weekend in DC but all 7 of us (including a 9 month old) did get to pile into our cozy little apartment for a night which was totally worth it! (Did I also mention that sis-in-law and her boyfriend also got to stop by on their way to Atlanta from DC?)

So more on the actual Prayer Breakfast and weekend... Wednesday night we went on a very awesome private tour of the Capitol led by David Barton. He owns more than 100,000 original copies of US historical documents. (check him out!) The keynote speaker for Thursday's actual Prayer breakfast was Hilary Clinton which was interesting from a political view. (follow the link if you want to hear the speech) She's a great speaker! After Hilary, President Obama spoke and was more like another State of the Union than anything else. A great speaker later on that day during lunch was Tony Campolo. He was hilarious and straight forward! Like I said earlier, we listened to Tim Tebow and Danny Wuerfell in a side meeting. They were incredible and not scared to stand up for what they believe. Danny Wuerfell has a great ministry going on down inNew Orleans. (Go Saints?) Tim also has started a very cool organization. Even if you don't particularly care for these men, you have to agree that it's great to see people actually stand up for what they believe- even when it's not popular! (Anyone see Tim's Super Bowl commercial? What was the big deal?)

Last night, we went to a Super Bowl party over at some friend's house and ate way too much food. Yet again, it was totally worth it! If only I had thought to take a picture of the massive spread...

This is basically the only picture I have from the weekend. It's in NC of the little guy playing in what's left of last week's snow... (1st time he's seen snow)
Just some of the people for the lunch...


  1. I would love to hear Danny and Tim. Rather hard to imagine a prayer breakfast without a lot of mention of Jesus. Someone needs to change the name maybe. Glad you got to go!! xoxo

  2. I don't know what the big deal was with the commercial! But I just read that pro-abortion groups are saying that it promoted domestic violence--sheesh! I'm glad you were still able to enjoy family time though.

  3. Haha crazy!! So not the case. I hope the Prayer breakfast just goes back to how it used to be! :)