Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spending Spree

Wow oh wow am I in a spending mood! For the past couple of weeks I've been drooling over all the new Spring clothing. (Keep in mind that I am still on a tight budget) However, Hubby gave me the go ahead to buy a new outfit for our upcoming trip to the Dominican Republic in the beginning of March! So I've been looking and looking and everything that I've found has been quite pricey! So I decided on a simple nude long strapless dress I found on ebay. I figured that the price was definitely right and I could dress it up or down. The perfect outfit! I also bought a tank top for $8. Yep, $8! But I am definitely still on the lookout for another little dress number, so if you see any let me know! So here's what I bought and a couple of other things on my wish list although I couldn't find the items that I've been eyeing in the boutiques...

My ebay purchase
My $8 tank
Ella Moss lace top
Rebecca Taylor "Scarlet Poppies" One-Shoulder Silk Dress
Rebecca Taylor dress


  1. oh yes I love that Rebecca Taylor print..i have been on a huge spending spree myself and it really needs to come to an end soon haha. I may need that dress though or the blouse version. I've also been drooling over a neon green Rebecca Taylor top. sigh.

  2. I actually also have a jewelry question for you, would you mind letting me know your email address?


  3. Oh I know! I wish I had money to buy them! haha

    My email is rebecca@spencermorgandesigns.com. BTW, I love your new pieces!