Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Holidays!!!

It seems that the Holidays really are beginning and there was proof of it this past weekend! My first indication that Thanksgiving and Christmas is right around the corner was when I was walking past Macys in Herald Square and saw the mass chaos of the Christmas tree lights going up on the front of Macys. Apparently, they are getting ready for Santa to make his stop at the end of the greatest parade on earth! Next clue was my advent wreath making party with the girls. I had never made an advent wreath before and I was pleasantly surprised at how fun and relaxing it was to just decorate (and eat) while catching up with friends. After the wreath making party came the Thanksgiving Dinner with about 50 of our friends from church. :) We had it upstairs in our building and had such a great turnout. Everyone brought food, which means there was no shortage to worry about. It was a great way to kickoff the holiday season! Next, we'll be traveling down to Nashville to visit family and celebrate all we have to be thankful for this year!

The lovely Hostess' wreath
 My first go at wreath making

Part of the spread
 Did I mention that Ben took a little time away from work to go and have brunch?! We went to one of our favorite French neighborhood spots, Plein Sud. Yummy


  1. I love the advent wreaths! Beautiful. Can't wait for Christmas!

  2. Will I get to see you at Thanksgiving?