Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Countdown

So I feel as though I should apologize for yesterday's post - I was informed from the family that I am WAY behind. That dog had even been on David Letterman a few months ago. Oops!

On a different - I am so excited that Christmas is literally right around the corner and I love that it also feels like Christmas! The weather, the festivities, and all the TV Christmas movies. Need I say more? I watched Family Stone this week, which I actually like even though I know it didn't get good reviews. What I love even more is their house. It seems like the perfect Christmas/winter house to me! (Besides the one I grew up in) But it looks completely lived-in and the type of house that would have tons of great memories. I've always loved older houses that have stories behind them and especially ones that look this cozy covered in snow!

Have a great cozy weekend!

I think I could grow old in this house

Marley and Me's house isn't too shabby either

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  1. I think we have the same taste in houses! We spend every Christmas in my family's farm house that was built by my great, great grandparents! It is definitely a good "winter" house, but not as great at Marley's or the Family Stone's :).