Monday, January 24, 2011

Finds and Designs

Good Happy Monday! When "happy" I mean "freezing." I'm not sure I had ever been as cold as I was this past weekend. Ridiculously cold! (Keep in mind I am from the south) However, last night got down to 0 degrees with a 20MPH wind. So in my book that is- stay inside and do NOT leave your house weather. Which is exactly what I plan on doing today. So hopefully I'll have some creative juices flowing and in return, designs being created! I've made a few pieces last week which some of you might have seen on Facebook but here they are again. I'll be putting them up on the website today along with more in the next couple of days!!





  1. BRRR!!!That is cold even for a girl born in ND!

    A friend saw the necklaces on Facebook this weekend and was commenting to me how much they liked them!

  2. Yes, I don't think I have any ND in me anymore. And that's awesome!!!

  3. These look great, Becca! I don't miis NYC winters AT ALL!

  4. Haha as well you shouldn't! Thanks

  5. Love the key necklace. Rhonda