Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Whew and Whew

Well this was an eventful weekend! Hubby graduated from b school! My parents came in and so did his, which was wonderful. Yesterday, we half way moved out of our apartment and then drove down to FL to my parents house. Thankfully, my parents are allowing us to house all of our china, decorative platters, etc at their house for the next few years until we move from NYC and actually have cabinets and space to keep it. It's been crazy to think of all that really goes into a NYC downsizing move (when you're not coming straight from college.) More on that later...

So the weekend - it was jam packed with graduation activities and saying goodbye to some incredible friends! I can't believe that two years of b school has already come and gone. Sunday night after graduation was a joyous time to finally be done but also needless to say the tears were flowing when I said goodbye. However, I'm so thankful for the awesome lifelong friends that Hubs and I have made. It was looking bleak the 1st few months... haha Now we're leaving with more than we could have ever imagined!!! We have been extremely blessed these past couple of years!!! Here are some pics of the weekend...

This little boy apparently wanted to be like his daddy ;)
Waiting to go up and get his diploma

Some of the great guys and adorable son
Our families


  1. How exciting!!! Do you have a date of when you move to NYC? Thank goodness for parents! My parents still have about half of our wedding presents (mostly all the fancy stuff) because we have no where to put them! One day we will be all grown up and have a china cabinet AND space to put it ;-). I wish y'all all the best with your next move and transition!

  2. Haha one day!!! We're going to be up there July 8th! We'll be "namading" it for the month of June.

  3. Wahoo!! Congratulations Ben - so proud!! What a great two years!

  4. We are so proud of Ben and this accomplishment and are thrilled for you both on the job in NYC. Hopefully we can see you when you are in Nashville. Love, Rhonda