Monday, May 17, 2010

Weddings Galore!!!

This Monday feels completely different than last Monday. Last Monday Hubby and I were packing and loading the Uhaul with my parents to leave with whatever was left of our furniture (that we haven't sold on Craigslist) and head down to Florida and drop it off to my awesome Sis. Oh and did I mention that the rest of the week mom and I cleaned out closets in their house?! It was an intense job but very rewarding! It was a great week/weekend and now we're back to our mostly empty apartment for 8 more days. Within those 8 I am making jewelry for 4 weddings! That's right, 4 weddings! I absolutely love working with brides. It's so fun to play a small part in their big day. I just finished one wedding - I can't say who it was since the wedding hasn't happened yet - but it was great and she had such a great and unique style for her bridesmaids. Hopefully, after the wedding I'll have pics from the big day with the girls wearing them in full action! Here's a sneak peak...


  1. Wow - those are incredible!! So cool! Can't wait to see more pictures once they are worn!

  2. Beautiful. I love the one in the center in the first photo! Is that for the bride? Or just someone extra special?

  3. Thanks! The pins were awesome! It was actually just part of the set for the bridesmaids... :)