Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Compost Cookie

If you've lived in NYC more than a week then you have heard of Momofuku Milk Bar.  They've got some serious goods. And when I saw Christina Tosi from Momofuku on Good Morning America I decided I was going to attempt my hand at Momofuku's Compost Cookie for our cookie and beer exchange. Christina made this recipe look so simple but apparently she's had some practice. After reading all the reviews online, I became a bit hesitant but had already bought all the ingredients and was committed. So I gave it a go, refrigerated overnight, baked those crazy concoctions and came out with some different batches. My first batch came out right. The second batch came out a bit overdone, but were in for the same amount of time. The third batch which I timed for 5 minutes less came out even more burnt. How did this happen? Well, I really didn't have time to think about it because people were arriving in just a couple of short hours. So I acted like they were fine and put them out of my mind. But of course, when you make a "famous" cookie people are going to start asking questions. Needless to say, from here on out I'm sticking to my recipe exchange rule; stick to something tried and true and don't vary. So next year I'll be making chocolate chip cookies and in the meantime I'll be practicing on Ben so I perfect them like Christina Tosi.

Instead of typing the entire recipe, here is the link...recipe

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