Tuesday, July 12, 2011


As I looked through the hundreds of pictures I took over the week I spent in Florida it made me desperately want to go back! We had so much fun at our beach place in St Augustine, FL. St Augustine is a special place in our family. While my parents were dating in college they use to drive over from the University of Florida and spend the day at that beach. That continued through our childhood (although we would rent a place for the week/weekend) until they finally broke down and bought a place around 10 years ago. Every Memorial day we would go to the beach and Sister and I would get to pick out our "junk cereal" for our stay. Even though we're grown, we still like to continue that tradition!
Beach time is a bit different now that there are little ones in the mix. I used to bring just a book and a drink to the beach. We now leave our books back at the condo and instead bring buckets, shovels, snacks, balls, fruit pouches, etc. I love relaxing on the beach but there is just something about watching a 2 yr old's face light up while seeing waves or holes in the sand! We also don't eat out as much as we used to now that there are bedtimes around 7PM. However, it gives us more down-home family time. We do still have time for great life-long friends! It's also a tradition and a great one at that! I wish we could celebrate the 4th of July every month!!

Jumping some waves!
Digging some holes
Out like a baby
But now ready to laugh
Little Man watching some intense paddle ball

Great friends to go with a great weekend!

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